Rules for Admission and withdrawal:

The School admits both boys and girls, subject to the availability of seats irrespective of caste, creed, community or social status.

1. A child seeking admission has to obtain the prescribed application form from the school office and submit it duly filled in. After scrutinizing the application with supporting document viz. Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate etc., the child will be admitted to the class for which he or she is found fit. Only child from recognized English Medium Schools will be given admission, on the evidence of the Transfer Certificate.

2. When applying for admission into classes VI to XII, in addition to the certificates in item above the child also has to produce copies of the Community Certificate and Adhaar Card.

3. Pupils coming from Schools approved and affiliated to STATE/CBSE will be admitted on the merit of marks obtained. Pupils coming from other than CBSE schools will in addition have to get their T.C. endorsed by the appropriate Educational Officers.

4. Generally, withdrawals are not permitted during the course of academic year. In the event of any compelling situation wherein withdrawal is required during the course of the academic year, the application for withdrawal must be given in writing a week in advance. The TC will not be issued unless all dues to the school including fee for the full term have been paid. A fee of Rs 200/- will be charged to issue a TC. If the application for TC is made after one year from the date of leaving an additional amount of Rs.250 /- towards search fee will be charged.

5. Application for TC should be made in writing by the parents before 31 st March of any academic year or else TC will be issued only on payment of first term fees for the next academic year. If a pupil has paid the school fee for the I term and subsequently applies for Transfer Certificate, the amount shall not be refunded.

6. If a pupil has paid the fees and attended the school for even one working day and applies for TC, the same will be issued only on payment of the fees for the whole term. Application for withdrawal should be given atleast one week in advance.

7. The Management reserves the right to refuse/ cancel an admission at any time without assigning any reason.

8. Students who get detained twice in the same class will be given T.C. in their best interest.