The School has a library of having over 4000 books, with extensive covering on all subjects viz. English, Tamil, Hindi, Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Encyclopaedia, Autobiography, Children - Novels and other useful books for helping the children. Specific library-periods are allotted for improving the reading habit of the children and books are lent to carry to their homes for specific time frame.


The School has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories for middle and secondary classes. To make science education student friendly, the children are allowed to do practicals independently under proper guidance and supervision.

Computer Science

We have well equipped computer lab with computers having latest configuration. There are well trained computer teachers who have undergone extensive in-service training to enrich the students with latest emerging technologies in computer education . Computer education is provided to students from Std I onwards.

Physical education

There is a proverbial saying that "Sound mind in a sound body". Therefore, we emphasize physical education as a part of education and physical education periods are allotted for all the classes and training is imparted by experienced and professionally qualified trainer. Attendance for physical education class is compulsory for all pupils except those exempted on valid medical grounds.